onePulse Ideas Generator

Orlando, Florida

June 12th, 2016, marked another day in history where society was met with social intolerance. PULSE Night Club in Orlando, Florida was the scene of this intolerance where 49 angels gained their wings and 68 were injured. In August 2018, onePulse Foundation launched an ideas generator for a proposed memorial and museum to help honor, remember and educate. With our second office in the Orlando area, our design team was once again local to a tragedy of international proportions. Our team took on the design challenge, using the intimate insights we learned from our past memorial project, to bring our best efforts to the drawing board and present a solution that is not only a space but an experience where everyone from different walks of life can go and see how design allows us to rise above tragedy.  The Ribbon, looks to fulfill a larger urban plan to connect the site of the Pulse nightclub with that of where help was received with open arms. With one vibrant stroke of color, we propose to mark time and place in a path of remembrance, education and celebration, and offering of a global symbol of love and unity. It reflects and celebrates the hope of our future, offering the colorful ribbon as a unifying symbol of acceptance, unity and love where it may be placed across a global canvas.