Corporate Office

Paramus, NJ

As trusted professionals, with a proven record, we were called in to accomplish our client’s demanding request:  Complete a fast track twelve-week design & build completion schedule for owner occupancy of 50,000 sf of the client’s Northeast Regional Headquarters.  Due to the limited time frame, the design, permitting, furniture and equipment procurement processes and construction required daily management and hands-on attention. With the building offering a clean geometry, with perimeter exterior wall glazing, and a stair and elevator core, the design strategy was clear – maintain hierarchy, yet bring daylight to everyone.  We strengthened the core, with hard walled offices opening outward through clear glazed partitions, open furniture environments to the perimeter field with avenues of transparency, and a primary edge to serve the executives.  With the success of schedule and owner occupancy, we continue to serve the needs of our corporate clients across the country.